About Mark Teta & Credit Education

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Mark Teta is a Florida-based credit reporting specialist with a passion for educating others. As the regional vice president of prominent agency Certified Credit Reporting, Mark interprets the credit data to help his clients make the right decisions regarding potential mortgage loans, tenant and employee screening, and more. Companies under his care are able to understand the data which leads to more well informed lending decisions.

Mark emphasizes the importance of credit education across the board. In addition to advising the companies who make important decisions on mortgage loans and background screening, Mark regularly gives extra tips and ideas so that they can have a more comprehensive understanding of his advice. He holds educational seminars in which he helps attendees understand how they can improve their credit and credit scores to obtain the best possible rates in the industry.

With over 22 years of experience and the fine-tuned ability to interpret credit scoring, tenant reports, and employee reports, Mark shares the best ways to understand data and make important decisions. He goes over the basics that are essential to any client: What exactly is a credit score, how is a credit score developed, and how could it be improved for the future? Mark covers these questions so that anyone, from first-timers to clients who have been with him for decades, can understand the practice. He also teaches his clients about using and understanding referral sources, so that they can grow their overall reach and find the quality applicants they need for their business to be successful.

Mark currently holds “lunch and learn” sessions with his clients, along with various seminars, but he continues to expand his educational scope. One of the most inspiring parts of his career is the ability to help people obtain their homes– the biggest purchases of their lives– and a proper understanding of credit is vital to their success. That’s why Mark has renewed his focus on teaching everyone, not just his clients, the essentials behind creating and maintaining a good credit score.

Mark continues to educate himself so that he can share the most up-to-date knowledge with others. He is a member of several associations that allow him to network with like-minded professionals, including the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals and the Mortgage Bankers Association of Central Florida.